Custom Wavefront LASIK is a new method of laser vision correction which can improve visual results, and is available at New Vision Laser Center. It is based on technology used by NASA to refine images of instruments such as the Hubble telescope. Traditional LASIK relies on a basic measurement of your glasses prescription to guide the laser vision correction. Custom Wavefront LASIK uses a computerized analyzer called a wavefront aberrometer to measure higher order aberrations in your visual system, which is specific to you much like a fingerprint.

The following video demonstrates how your “visual fingerprint” is measured. This custom measurement of your “visual fingerprint” is programmed into the laser for your LASIK procedure, thereby correcting not only your basic glasses prescription but also treating your higher order visual aberrations, for a more personalized approach to LASIK vision correction. This can optimize vision by reducing nighttime glare and halos and other distortions in your vision. Custom Wavefront LASIK may be the best option for you, and your Ophthalmologist at New Vision Laser Center will answer any questions you may have regarding this new technology.

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