LASIK Party 2015More and more people are realizing the benefits of having LASIK vision correction and how LASIK can improve both your personal and professional life.  New Vision Laser Center has helped thousands of individuals to enjoy life without the inconvenience of glasses and contact lenses.  We encourage you to read what some of our patients have to say about their experience at New Vision Laser Center.


“Dr. Vakharia was real professional  ...and he was very informative …going into the procedure he explained everything so thoroughly that, it really made me real comfortable with what was going to happen. The process was easy, it was quick and, now my vision is corrected and I no longer have to worry about it.“

- Larry English San Diego Chargers

"I chose New Vision Laser Center and Dr. Vakharia because he was excellent and answered all my questions and reassured me. My eyes were horrible and I could not see six inches in front of my face. I am so happy to see 20/20 with no contacts or glasses. I can hardly wait to swim in my pool and soak in my hot tub etc, with no glasses or contacts! It is truly amazing! I only wish I wouldn’t have waited until I was 43 to do it. Thank you Dr.Vakharia and the staff at New Vision Laser Center for changing my life."

- Shellie

I’ve had my eyes tested at numerous facilities over the years. New Vision Laser Center tested me more extensively than I’ve ever experienced. The surgery was pain free and quick, with my vision improving drastically, almost immediately."

- John

I had gotten lower estimates at other places, but New Vision Laser Center made me feel so comfortable in their ability and knowledge. I trusted Dr.Vakharia and felt comfortable placing my vision in his hands. Thanks New Vision!"

- William

Around this area New Vision Laser Center is the best. The staff is great, and the atmosphere of the office is great. Every step was explained to me before, during, and after. So far the best experience I ever had in a doctor’s office. It’s easy, painless and very much worth it! It’s like walking without a crutch!"

- Richel

I was attracted by the fact that New Vision Laser Center is a smaller, private practice. This allows for more personalized, individualized care in a friendly and inviting environment. Further, Dr. Vakharia struck me as extremely competent, educated, and experienced in corneal and refractive surgery, including LASIK. He was informative and non- pressuring and I was comfortable throughout the decision making process. The word “miracle” is hackneyed anymore, but the technology behind this is miraculous to me and I’m very glad I could live in a time to take advantage of it. It’s totally worth it!"

- Jordan

Most of the people I talked to referred to New Vision Laser Center as the “best” and “safest” place to go for LASIK. I also called a couple of other places in town that do LASIK. I was impressed with how professional and detailed New Vision Laser Center was. I am amazed everyday how this simple procedure has changed my life. It was so worth it to have the gift of vision."

- Erica

I have had contacts since the fifth grade. I couldn’t see a foot in front of my face without them. And now I can see everything! I was tired of wearing contacts and contacts were irritating my eyes. I was nervous – but there’s really nothing to worry about. They were very informative and any questions I had were answered. It was well worth it!"

- Chris

My eye doctor said I was legally blind without my glasses! And with my contacts, it had gotten so bad that everything was blurry. I also had astigmatism. I had really bad vision. The doctors at New Vision are just marvelous; they take such good care checking everything out. The actual process was just so fast and it doesn’t hurt. Now, no more sliding glasses, no more irritating contacts, no buying solutions. Oh I’m so happy!"

- Vickie

I was in the hospital when a nurse gave me the great recommendation for New Vision Laser Center. I had a free consultation and that convinced me. Everyone was great! Since then I have bragged over and over to everyone that I can see 20/20. Wow! Go for it!
I wish I would have done this years ago, especially before I needed readers!"

- Kim

I would gladly without a doubt recommend anyone looking to have the LASIK procedure, to have it done at New Vision Laser Center. Everyone is so nice, friendly, and courteous, but most of all professional. They make you feel great and they actually care about you. The doctor is so precise with everything he does, which I feel is important."

- Sara

Go for it! Lasik surgery is the way to go and New Vision Laser Center is the only way to go!!"

- Dennis

Making the decision to have the LASIK eye surgery was very scary for me. However after visiting New Vision Laser Center and met with the doctor and his staff, the decision was clear. I would be in good hands. I am glad I made the decision to have the surgery and chose New Vision Laser Center. You can tell that the doctors. are genuinely concerned about your eye health. I would greatly recommend New Vision Laser Center to anyone. Thanks New Vision for giving me my “NEW VISION”!"

- Charo

My doctor recommended New Vision Laser Center. I had good vision with the soft contacts and had worn contacts for 50 years. I wanted to eliminate the contacts but still have vision equal to my vision with contacts. I now can see better now than when I wore contacts! I actually am more pleased with the surgery than I expected to be. I actually have better vision than with the contacts and have eliminated the expense of buying contacts and solutions and wearing thick glasses. I asked Dr Vakharia a number of questions regarding the surgery and he did an excellent job of answering my questions. I even enjoyed the cafe as I can have a cappuccino!"

- John

I was convinced by the knowledge, experience and research. I felt that I would get quality care and I got more than I expected! I am still in shock of being able to see without glasses or contacts. It’s amazing! I love it!"

- Sheila

My family physician recommended me to New Vision Laser Center. If you want absolute confidence that this procedure will be done right, go to New Vision Laser Center. No detail is missed. I had absolute faith in Dr. Vakharia at New Vision Laser Center. They treat patients with great respect and care. They gave me a free consultation a year before I set up my flex plan. I didn’t feel it was about making money. They responded to me as a person and what was best for my vision. The environment is also very relaxing."

- Lynn

My new vision is just as impressive and liberating as I’d imagined! The process was speedy and comfortable, and my recovery was such that after 1 day, I felt as though it had never happened. I highly recommend this procedure and New Vision Laser Center!"

- Rachel

After 23 years as a firefighter/paramedic dependent on glasses or contacts, having LASIK has put a whole new outlook on going on calls in the middle of the night. I have better eyesight now than I ever did with glasses or contacts. I had no complications from the beginning and am very satisfied that I had it done. Thanks New Vision!"

- Brian

It is your eyes – you only have one set – so I wanted to make sure that if I did it, I did the right thing! The experience has been great. Very professional staff here, made sure that all of your needs were met, talked with you about all the processes, so you really understood everything before you went in."

- Stan

The actual process was just so fast, and it doesn’t hurt! I was concerned about how much time I would spend away from the office – although, the day after the surgery, I’m driving myself to work and I feel a hundred percent! That just amazed me! Don’t wait, it’s absolutely wonderful!"

- Sandy

It’s normal to have fears and reservations about having this done, but you just got to get over it, because just the freedom from not having to wear the glasses makes it so worth it!"

- Rob

I’m 62 years old and I’ve been wearing glasses since the 8th grade. Eventually I was forced to wear contact lenses. When I turned 50 it was strong contact lenses, reading glasses, et cetera. I had glasses for golf, glasses for reading, a pair for my computer, et cetera. When going on vacation I’d have to pack a bag just for glasses. Not being able to follow the golf ball was particularly frustrating. Then I heard about New Vision Laser Center. I went in for a free screening and a week later I had my LASIK surgery. It was a Thursday afternoon and at 8:00 Friday morning, while waiting for my follow-up appointment, I began reading the sports page without my glasses – it was unbelievable. I see better now than at any time since my first pair of glasses 50 years ago. At my last doctor visit I donated 15 pairs of my old glasses to the Lions Club!"

- Mike

It has been over six years since I have had the laser work done on my eyes, and I have enjoyed it every day. I have the mono vision and it has allowed me to see across the room and read. It is amazing how hard it is to remember how I had to put on glasses to see the alarm clock. However, I will never forget sitting in the chair when the surgery was done and the doctor asking me if I could see the clock on the wall. It was 3:15 and that was the first time I could see without contacts or glasses in fifty some years."

- Jim

Disclaimer:  These are actual testimonials from actual patients.  Individual results may vary.  Some patients still require glasses after surgery, such as reading glasses for some patients over the age of 40.  All surgery has risks, including LASIK, and these will be discussed at the consultation, along with what a particular individual can expect from LASIK.

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